Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BOYS will be BOYS

Brotherly love

Why do I even buy them new clothes?

The boys love to wrestle with each other whenever possible. They like to play football together in the front yard. I dont understand it, but for some reason, boys have to constantly harrass each other. All in all ,the boys love each other very much. They look out for one another and enjoy spending time together. I guess I am glad they love to wrestle so much. I just wish it wasnt in the middle of Costco!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Company Girl

So Excited!!!
Kiely and Briana

Kiely has recently auditioned for the company group for her ballet studio. We found out a week ago that she has made it. This is very exciting news. If you are not familiar with ballet, believe me when I say, this is a huge accomplishment. Kiely began dancing at the age of three. She has always had a great passion for dance. Over the last couple of years ,ballet has become her main focus. She is a very talented dancer and ballet has given her a tremendous amount of confidence. To be chosen for company you have to maintain a 3.5 GPA, provide community service and of course be an excellent ballerina. Lance and I are very proud of our beautiful ballerina!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mi Bella Bailarina

Hailey has recently started ballet class. She loves it and cant wait to go every week and join her sister. Kiely and I could barely wait until she turned 3, so she could start. On her first day she was not shy at all. She just got in there and began to dance. Hailey dances all day and changes costumes about five times a day. Her first debut will be this spring in "Little Red Riding Hood."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dog Gone Fun

I decided that washing our dog was a good saturday activity. I told the kids I wanted her super clean. They all put in some great effort and scrubbed her well. Dustin enjoyed lifting her tail and saying, "fire in the hole." Kiely was in charge of her dental needs. Mandy was a great patient. Patient being the key word here. Our dog , Mandy, is so sweet and patient with all the children. She is always having tea parties with Hailey and playing bucking bronco with the boys. What else can I say except that we love our Mandy!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Roller Skating Fun

I am not sure who needs help here!

Kiely , fearing for her life !

The Boys

Couple skating

During December we went to Cal Skate with our family. It is a place that Lance and I had grown up roller skating at when we were younger. The kids had so much and it brought back many memories for me. They even had skates small enough to fit Hailey of course she made her Nana go out with her.

My little Casanova

Andrew insisted on having a picture taken with me giving him a kiss. He is quite the ladies man for his young age. He has already had some encounters on the kindergarten playground. Two little girls were chasing him telling him they wanted to marry him. He did not seem to mind this very much and came to their defense when they were going to get into trouble. He is a sweetheart, but watch out for this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spidybear's Surgery

Andrew has a bear named Spidybear. He loves this bear and sleeps with him every night. So you can imagine how upset he was when he became unraveled. Kiely and Dustin thought it would be a great idea to perform surgery. The kids had so much fun. They took his vitals and Andrew signed an organ donor form (just in case). The other bears waited patiently in the waiting room. I am pleased to say Spidybear made it and is recovering nicely. I love when my kids all get together and use their imagination.