Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BOYS will be BOYS

Brotherly love

Why do I even buy them new clothes?

The boys love to wrestle with each other whenever possible. They like to play football together in the front yard. I dont understand it, but for some reason, boys have to constantly harrass each other. All in all ,the boys love each other very much. They look out for one another and enjoy spending time together. I guess I am glad they love to wrestle so much. I just wish it wasnt in the middle of Costco!!!!!!!!


Lisa said...

Welcome to the blogging world Marlina! Your boys are adorable. I've never known that boy wrestling thing since I just had Ryan. Now with Luke here we'll have to see if they pick it up!

Ani said...

They are getting so big! I love how one post is the boys wrestling, and the next is your cute dancer girls! Perfect mix!

Gav, Sarah, & kids said...

Marlina!! How ironic to see that comment from Lisa right there since it was on her blog that I found yours!! From you I also saw the Odone's page--what fun! (And Lisa, I'm a total 'lurker'--new to the world of blogging myself.)

Anyway, your kids have grown soo much! They're beautiful. As for my boys, Lincoln tries to feed baby Jace (now 8 months old), but no wrestling yet. Thank goodness.

Come see us at www.arnettfam.blogspot.com, and thanks Lisa for reconnecting old friends! (Your link was on Crawford's page which was on Shelton's . . . crazy techno world.)