Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Roller Skating Fun

I am not sure who needs help here!

Kiely , fearing for her life !

The Boys

Couple skating

During December we went to Cal Skate with our family. It is a place that Lance and I had grown up roller skating at when we were younger. The kids had so much and it brought back many memories for me. They even had skates small enough to fit Hailey of course she made her Nana go out with her.


Danielle said...

Cute pictures! Hailey's hair is getting so long. I like the one of you and Lance, you guys look so cute and happy!

Ani said...

I sent you an invite to danielle's shower today. I totally spelled your name wrong. sorry.

lemonlimekids said...

hi marlina-
i love the pictures of everyone! can't believe how big everyone is getting. of course, kiely and hailey are absolutely beautiful and the two boys are sooooo handsome! we miss you all so much!