Friday, March 14, 2008

Little League Opening Day

" Getting pumped up for Opening Day"

Edmonds Brothers

The Rookie

Baseball is a big deal in our family. My husband always has said, playing baseball is like going to school. They have to go to school, they have to play baseball. The boys were very excited for opening day. The city we live in really does a great job with little league. On opening day they have a parade and a big ceremony. Andrew was especially excited because it is his first year. He had enough of watching the game from the bleachers. Dustin was also excited . Although he was more focused on searching for where they sold the bagels then his game. Lance is coaching their team this year. He really looks forward to baseball season every year. I love to watch my boys play baseball. Go D-backs!


Gav, Sarah, & kids said...

How fun! I still remember you telling me what a star baseball player Lance was. Does he get to be their coach?

Lynn said...

Marlina! Your kids are all gorgeous. It's fun to see what I imagine the future holds when our lids get older...ballet, baseball, tp'd house. Life looks pretty good.

(This is Lynn Westbrook from Seneca Ward. I still have that cutest velour sweatshirt you gave me when Avery was case we have another girl someday)

Ani said...

You are so smart. It usually happens in the morning and at night (when I try to limit water intake so I can sleep without getting up a ton!) Thanks Dr. Edmonds.