Sunday, April 27, 2008


During our off track time for school I like to take the kids on little adventures. We decided it would be fun to try indoor rock climbing. The boys were so excited. Hailey on the other hand was a little hesitant. Once we got there and the boys were all in their gear , Hailey decided to give it a try. They had so much fun. The boys climbed for about two hours. They slept very well that night. Hailey enjoyed it just as much as the boys. She dosent like to let her big brothers show her up. Andrew thanked me many times for taking him to do something fun.On days like this it is so fun to be a mom. I love it when we could take a break from the daily craziness.

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jbel said...

good for you to change things up for the kiddos! at this point, i'd be afraid to take my girls anywhere like that 'cause they'd fight the whole time!!! they'd shove each other off the rock wall.