Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Madame President

Congratulations Kiely. She has been asked to be the freshmen class president for this fall. I know it is crazy that I have a daughter going in to high school. Yesterday she had a long interview process which she handled very well. Kiely was actually trying to become vice president but they must know a good thing when they see it. She recieved a phone call last night and asked her if she would consider being president. Apparently they were impressed with her interview and the way she presents herself. She was asked if she could be a song what would it be and why. I know it is kind of strange question but Kielys answer was one reason why I love her so much. She told them it was a church hymn, Because I have been given much. Lance and I are so proud of our daughter and the beautiful young lady she is becoming.


Geneva said...

Congratulations Kiely! What a big accomplishment. You are definitely the right woman for the job! Good luck.

hollistergal said...

hey girl its Lynnae :)
congratulations! u'll be a gr8 president! they definately picked the right girl 4 the job! :) i miss you lots!:'( N hope to c u round!
with lots of Love~Lynnae

Sarah said...

That's awesome. I can't believe she is so grown up! You have every right to be proud. She is a beautiful young lady.

Lisa said...

Wow... impressive! And she's beautiful. Way to go!

Wilde ones said...

I can't believe she's starting high school! It seems not long ago that we were waiting for her to start YW. Where did the time go? Living in Sacramento last year is a blur. I'm bummed we didn't get a chance to see you. Now we're living it up in San Antonio. Anyway - you and your family are so amazing! Hope you don't mind my popping on your blog and seeing what you're all up to.

brianabelluomini said...

heyy u
good luck wit highskool
ur goin to be a great president
have a great summer and c u soon
luv ya