Monday, June 23, 2008


Lance and his brother Aaron decided to take all the boys on a little off road camping trip. The boys had so much fun playing and being with their cousins. Anytime, Lance wants to take the boys for a couple nights, I have no arguments. I am so glad Lance was able to get away with his brother and that my boys were able to get to know their cousins a little better. There is not anything that brings males closer together then dirt,off roading and the great outdoors.


jererere said...
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Lisa said...

I saw your blog throught Sarah's blog. I can't believe Kiely is going to be a freshman in high school. It seems like yesterday that she was in my primary class at church. Your family is so cute. Check out our blog at

2 boys and a girl said...

Where did you guy's go? It looks like the Sierra's. What is the name of the lake? The outdoors have always been great memories with my father and now with my boy's.