Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School

Kiely 9th grade

Dustin 4th grade

Andrew 1st grade

Hailey Pre-K

I could not get a picture of an official first day because we had 3 different first days of school. Kiely is super excited to start high school. The only bummer about the first day of school was she had to wear her student council polo since she is freshmen class president. I think she secretly likes wearing her polo, it makes her feel official. Dustin now has to have recess with the upper grades. He got a new teacher which he is excited about. Andrew could hardly wait to be at school all day like his big brother. Hailey loves her little preschool and so does her mommy. I finally have three mornings a week to have some alone time. I have only been waiting 14 years for this, but who's counting. The kids all recieved school blessings by their father and had great first days. Everything was pretty normal except for the fact that their music teacher is going by a new name this year . It went from Ms. Clark to Mr. Clark. I dont think I need to explain any further. It is a crazy world we live in. I am saddened that my young kids have to deal with these issues. Overall we had great success on our first day back!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last minute beach trip

Pizza My Heart shirts

I love the bright colors!

Kiely and Nana

Poor Jack

Emma, Andrew and Dustin
What is a summer vacation without a day at the beach? I invited some friends and my mom up to my favorite beach. So we packed up the kids, beach toys, lunches and sweatshirts and headed to the beach. The kids had so much FUN. They played all day in the water and in the sand. The water was freezing but they did not care at all. Hailey spent a lot of the day burying her friend Jack in the sand. The boys and Emma ran from the waves and got all wrapped up in seaweed. We also had to eat at "Pizza My Heart". The pizza is amazing and they sell cute shirts whuch all the kids are wearing above. On our way out we had waffle cones which they make fresh, YUM. I love being at the beach. It was a great day.

Vampire craziness

Kiely and I are big Stephanie Meyer fans. We went to the Borders midnight party. It was alot of fun. They had a costume contest, trivia and discussions. It was more like a debate. Everyone had a opinion about what would happen to Bella. All the young girls wanted her to end up with Edward and all the moms wanted her to be with Jacob. All the older women thought she should experience motherhood. So if you read the book you know how it ends. Now we cant wait until December for ,Twilight the movie to come out.

Better late than never

The boys had their last day of school on July 17th. Andrew graduated kindergarten and had a wonderful year. He will have the same teacher next year. She loved her class so much and asked if she could move up with them. I am so glad and so in Andew. Dustin finished up 3rd grade. He is excited because our school is now moving off of a track schedule and will now be more traditional. He is getting a new teacher for fourth grade so we do not know much about him. Overall both boys had a good year and are excited to finally be in school together all day.