Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vampire craziness

Kiely and I are big Stephanie Meyer fans. We went to the Borders midnight party. It was alot of fun. They had a costume contest, trivia and discussions. It was more like a debate. Everyone had a opinion about what would happen to Bella. All the young girls wanted her to end up with Edward and all the moms wanted her to be with Jacob. All the older women thought she should experience motherhood. So if you read the book you know how it ends. Now we cant wait until December for ,Twilight the movie to come out.


Wilde ones said...

I was all for Bella and Edward - loved the whole series!

Chris and Christina Welch said...

Ahh, another Twiligh fan. My friends and I wanted to go to the midnight release too but all of our husbands were gone. So we had to settle for first thing the next morning. My kids were then neglected for the next 36 hours while I read the book. ;-)