Monday, October 6, 2008

Dustin's morning routine

Everyone who knows Dustin, knows he can be a little bit of a spacer. I had to blog about his morning routine because I find it quite funny. He wakes up by 6:30 and heads straight to eat his cereal. The boy loves his cereal. He fills his bowl as high as he possibly can. Then he looks for his favorite spoon because any spoon is not good enough for his cereal. At this point I have just walked in from the gym and he begins to ask me the most random questions about space or the enviorment. I usually do not know the answers. I remind him he needs to get dressed. On his way up he stops in to see Hailey (Gooey, is what he calls her). He saids to her, " Good morning Gooey" and begins to play with her. Slowly he makes it to his room and begins to get dressed. Of course he usually gets distracted by some toy or a book. I come upstairs and he is about half dressed looking at his Pokemon cards. He looks at me and gives me his great smile. So of course I find it hard to get mad at him. Then he asks me to do his hair. I do his hair as he uses a brush as a microphone to lip sing. By this point Andrew in completely ready and out front playing basketball. He realizes he has to feed ou dog, Mandy. He feeds her and usually forgets to close the door to the dog run, so Mandy runs around the garage until I realize she is in there. Then he moves on to making his lunch which I usually fix because he thinks he can take two packs of cookies. When I pull out one of the bags of cookies, he looks at me again with his great smile and saids" Ahhh, you caught me". Last but not least every morning we have to do a zipper check, because it is usually down. We drive to school, I kiss him good bye and ha asks me if I have any lipstick on. As he walks to line up he has to stop at his dirt pile which he calls his creation. I love my sweet Dustin even if he takes FOREVER to get ready for school in the morning.


jbel said...

his routine reminds me of Emma and her's. love it! I think I tell Emma to put her shoes on for school about six times before she actually does. I love that Andrew is ready to go long before Dustin 'cause that's just like Em and K too.

The Stephens Family said...

What a cutie! (I can say that because I'm not the one trying to get him out of the house...) I love, love, LOVED reading about Dustin's morning routine. Sounds a bit like one of my kids... can you guess which one?