Thursday, October 23, 2008


Lance, working hard!!

Homecoming night

The finished product

A couple weeks ago Lance and I helped Kiely work on the freshmen class float. Since Kiely is fresmen class president, she was in charge of the float. Which translates into Lance and I being in charge. It was alot of fun and many hours of hard work. My sweet husband took two days off to work on the float. The theme was, "Super Crew" which is a show on MTV. The kids had a blast and we recieved 2nd place. I think Lance and I were more excited than Kiely.


Sarah said...

It looks great--what awesome parents you two are! Of course you were excited--it was all of your hard work. =)

The Stephens Family said...

Great pictures! Your float was by far the best one there, and you deserved first place! We're looking forward to a repeat performance next year - we'll even come over for FHE and help!