Monday, December 15, 2008

We are so proud!!

Words can not describe how proud Lance and I are of Kiely. In October she auditioned for The Nutcracker and was asked to be Clara. Kiely was thrilled and so were we. Since that time Kiely has put in so many hours of rehearsal time into perfecting her part. She has somehow managed to keep her G.P.A at a 4.17, handle her responsibilities as freshmen class president and keep up with seminary. Lance and I could not hold back the tears as she came on to stage as Clara. She looked beautiful and danced amazing. All the hours of rehearsal and sacrafice had paid off. After the show she got into the car and Lance told her he had never been more proud of her then he was tonight. She got teary eyed and knew how much we love her and support her in her ballet. Last night was her last performance, it was bitter sweet. I was glad to have life be a little normal but sad to see her last performance as Clara. She is already thinking about what she will be casted as next year!