Monday, March 2, 2009

Who are these people?????

I tried to find a flattering picture but was not successful. Lance took the boys for their first hunting outing the other day. I was not very excited. Being a mom I was concerned about safety and my dog. I warned Lance that Mandy better come home in one piece. The boys were so excited because they had just passed their hunter safety course. Lance and the boys read the material for weeks and then took the test. Lance had also been working with Mandy in our back field with a fake duck. She was a natural. I cooked the pheasant the following Sunday. Im glad we did not invite anyone over to taste it. It was not very tasty, it tasted like tuna. I guess you have to be a boy to get excited about hunting. The boys had a great time hunting and the girls had a fabulous day of shopping!!!


Geneva said...

those are some manly boys...i'm not sure Carter would have been up for that.

Shannon said...

Hey, he looks so familiar in those BDU's...How could that be? Curtis loves duck hunting-so do our dogs! You'll have to come up in the fall so they can go together!