Friday, May 15, 2009


Hailey age 4

Kiely age 4
This was one of Kiely's favorite dreses when she was little. She wanted to wear it all the time. My aunt brought it back for her from Hawaii. I found it last week in the back of Hailey's closet. Once I told her it was her sister's dress she wanted to wear it. I dont think it will be her favorite but she thought it was fun to try on.


The Stephens Family said...

Darling... I love shared memories between siblings! And so fun to see a picture of little Keily! She's adorable, of course...

jbel said...

Yay- a new post!
I just LOVE that my girls wear the same clothes too.
K wore a dress to church today that was new to her, but old to Emma. It's so fun to see their (and my) favorite dresses on again!

Christine said...

How cute. I kinda did the same thing. I have some of my old clothes from when I was little and had Carissa and Maia pose for pictures in them. Of course, my clothes are from the 70's, so they are not outfits I would want them to be seen in public with.

Shannon said...

Cute Kiely! What a fun post!