Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School

Kiely 10th grade

Dustin 5th grade

Andrew 2nd grade

Hailey Kindergarten
It is that time of the year again, to send the kids back to school. I have to admit that this was the hardest year. I always think summer is way too short. I love our lazy summers. This year Hailey started school and I am all alone for the morning. I have been waiting for this day for years and now that it is here, it broke my heart. I really enjoy having a little person around. I am glad Hailey is only gone half the day so we can still have our afternoons together. The kids are all doing well and have fabulous teachers!


Geneva said...

I love Hailey's skirt! I've wanted one for Hanna. If you see one in size 8 grab it and I'll get it from you in October. Thanks!

Christine said...

You have very cute kids! I'm so happy that my girls are with Hailey in the same class!

Beth said...

Honestly you have the cutest kids. I think they do half day kindergarten so the moms can get used to having their babies gone.
Cute fairy party. I love B-day parties too. Haven't had to do a boy one yet, I'm sure they are VERY different.

jbel said...

i could almost cry at the thought of all kids in school- yet i too long for it at the same time!

cant blieve how much theyve grown
typing w one hnd whilr feeding bb-sorry!

The Eccles said...

What a good looking Family! Happy new (school) year!