Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawaii trip 2010

I promise I will post pictures soon!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First date

Time is flying buy. Kiely is now 16 years old, so crazy. Our rule on dating has always been that she had to wait until she turned 16. So here is a picture of Kiely and her good friend Jason on her first date. Kiely said he was a complete gentlemen and had a fun first date. These two have been great friends since they were 12 years old. Jason told Kiely he would take her on her first date which was a relief to Lance and I because he is such a great guy. After the date he walked her to the door and rang the doorbell to say , hello to Lance. Im glad there are gentlemen left in this world!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ballerina Birthday Girl

Hailey celebrated her 6th birthday with a ballerina theme. The word cute does not do the party justice. All her best friends showed up in their finest ballet attire. The party was at her ballet studio. It was a perfect location. Kiely was a huge hit at the party as she showed the girls ballet moves and read them princess stories. Hailey's kindergarten teacher makes cakes and did such a great job with Hailey's cake. Her tutu was from tutugirl.com. I looked a long time for the perfect tutu and was very pleased with it. Hailey had a fabulous party. Thanks to Christine for taking such wonderful pictures. I wonder if I could talk her into doing a ballet theme again next year!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Alejandro's graduation

The whole family

Alejandro and Kiely

Carlo, Alejandro and me

My little brother graduated from U.C. Berkeley this year. I am so proud of him and his hard work. He is a wonderful brother and a great uncle to my kids. Alejandro has been so dilligent at studying hard while also working. The kids missed school and were able to go and see him graduate. I feel so blessed to live near my family and to be able to share these special moments with them.

For Geneva

My great friend, Geneva made the dress for Hailey a couple months ago. I am finally getting around to posting a picture for her. It is called a pillow case dress. Hailey loves to wear it.
Thanks Geneva!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mandy's back

When we came home on Sunday from church, our dog Mandy was missing. The kids went out on their bikes searching the neighborhood and I went out in the car. We had no luck. That evening after many searches we put up posters. My kids went to sleep that night in tears. Hailey informed me that she knew Mandy would be found because she said a prayer. It was so sweet. I was very upset. Mandy is a big part of our family. The next day I was on the way to the county shelter and received a phone call from a local vet. Someone had brought Mandy in and they scanned her. I just had Mandy microchipped a couple weeks ago, well worth the money. I am so thankful for the kindness of strangers. The kids brought her some cookies the other day and thanked her. Our family is complete again!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandpa Edmonds

Kiely found this picture the other day and wanted me to put it on my blog. This picture was taken in June 1994. It is Lance's grandparents and Kiely. Grandpa Edmonds passed away several months ago but there was recently a service for him. Unfortunately we were not able to attend. Grandpa means a lot to our family. He was always so kind, generous and could always make you laugh. My family had the privelege of living near them in Maryland while Lance was in medical school. It was so wonderful that my children were able to develop a relationship with their Great grandparents. We always think of Grandpa, but know we will see him again.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boy's ski trip

Lance and our friend Jim took the boys to Lake Tahoe to ski. It was the first time Dustin and Andrew tried to ski. They had so much fun and really got into it. I was a little nervous to have them go to ski school. They sent me pictures on my phone which helped me feel better. The boys are signed up to have a couple more lessons. They were able to go two weekends in a row. Next time Hailey might give it a try. Im so glad the boys found something they enjoy doing together.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Kiely and Hailey were in "The Christmas Carol" this year. Kiely played the part of ghost of Christmas Past. Hailey was a party girl. I love to watch my girls perform. Kiely works so hard to perfect her role. She is very passionate about ballet. Hailey just loves to be backstage with her sister. Lance and I are very proud of them.