Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mandy's back

When we came home on Sunday from church, our dog Mandy was missing. The kids went out on their bikes searching the neighborhood and I went out in the car. We had no luck. That evening after many searches we put up posters. My kids went to sleep that night in tears. Hailey informed me that she knew Mandy would be found because she said a prayer. It was so sweet. I was very upset. Mandy is a big part of our family. The next day I was on the way to the county shelter and received a phone call from a local vet. Someone had brought Mandy in and they scanned her. I just had Mandy microchipped a couple weeks ago, well worth the money. I am so thankful for the kindness of strangers. The kids brought her some cookies the other day and thanked her. Our family is complete again!


RACHELLE said...

Yeah!!! i read kiely's facebook comment and was sooo sad. we a photo album of our time in California and mandy is in there!

so i am very happy to know that she is alive and well...and HOME!


RACHELLE said...

we "have" a photo album....

thought i'd clarify what i was going for on that sentance.... :)


The Lowe Family said...

I'm so glad you found your puppy. I was at the park today and was talking to a friend today. She has a lab puppy and she was telling me that she saw the sweetest thing the other day at the vet. She told me she saw a women returning a yellow lab to a family that had lost her. I described you and she said yes that is who it was. Too funny.

Geneva said...

you didn't tell me mandy got lost...i feel so out of the loop! Glad she's back. Your family would not be the same without her.