Sunday, September 18, 2011

A couple more pics.....


Sweet view!!!


All the boys....

the sweet pool....

BYU Cougars

Lance and his brother, Aaron decided to fly out and meet for the BYU v.s U of U
football game. Dustin and Andrew were pumped. Lance's father also joined in on the fun. They stayed at Lance's uncles house, who happens to have a sweet pool. Unfortunately, BYU did not win but they still had a great time. They went down on the sidelines since Aaron use to play for BYU. It was so fun for them to be up close. The best part was they got to meet JIMMER! They were so excited, he autographed their hats and took a picture with them. Im so glad the boys were able to experience a BYU game.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AT&T ballpark

Our family is definitely a baseball family. The whole family enjoys watching and most like to play it. We love the San Francisco Giants and usually go to a couple games a year. Kiely's favorite player is Buster Posey. Andrew's favorite player is Pablo Sandovol. Dustin's favorite player is Tim Lincecum. It is a nice tradition, since Lance and I grew up Giant's fans!

Hailey's 7th birthday

This year we decided to have a water party for Haileys birthday. Her birthday is in July so it is
always so warm. Dustin built a kid car wash which turned out to be a huge hit. All the kids had such a great time, they were worn out by the time their parents picked them up. I cant believe my youngest is 7, time just flies by.