Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The BIG 1-0

Game Ball

In our Giant's gear
Love my boy!

Andrew just turned 10. He decided he wanted a baseball birthday party. Anyone that knows Andrew is aware of his passion for the game. The party's theme was centered around the San Francisco Giants which is Andrew's favorite team. We had 12 boys come out and play a game of baseball then they ate In and Out burgers. Lance was in charge of the game. Everyone had such a great time. Andrew is growing up to be such a great young man. We are blessed to have him in our family.


Matt Wilde said...

Andrew is an amazing kid. Happy Birthday man!

Christine said...

Nice photos. I love the one of Andrew holding the ball. Nice job!

Geneva said...

Happy Birthday Andrew...a little late. It had to travel all the way from Germany you see.